Storytelling is all I've ever known. At age 4, before I learned to read, I'd make up my own version of Jeff Brumbeau's The Quiltmaker's Gift each time I'd flip through its pages.


Currently, I'm an assistant fitness editor at POPSUGAR, where I delve into the world of squats, healthy eating, superstar athletes, and mental health. I've reviewed the latest technology in home workouts, reported on some pretty cool vegan snacks, and gotten personal about growing up as a gymnast. Oh, and Vanessa Hudgens told me all about her intermittent fasting, and Gabrielle Union perfectly explained to me just why striving for someone else's body as a New Year's resolution is a horrible idea!


Prior to this, I was a digital writer for Metro US, covering health, entertainment, food, and everything in between. I wrote about the first Jewish "Miss Germany" and Country duo LOCASH. I reviewed a kick-butt workout app from Simone De La Rue. For the sake of journalism (and good eats) I ventured down to Brooklyn to try cheese tea (yes, it's a thing) and even lost my lox and schmear virginity for an article. 


I formerly held two positions at Hearst Magazines: first as an editorial intern at WomansDay.com and CountryLiving.com, then as an editorial fellow for GoodHousekeeping.com and HouseBeautiful.com. You can find pieces from my time at Hearst here, on this website.


I graduated from Ithaca College with a B.A. in writing, feature writing concentration, and minor in communication, management, and design (it's a mouthful, I know). I have a keen eye for detail, am a big fan of the Oxford comma, and live off coffee, creativity, and a good workout.


On this website, you'll find a compilation of my published work ranging from articles to creative writing. View some of my clips below or select the "featured work" tab above for a full list of author profiles!


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For any professional inquiries, you can reach me at sbrodsky@popsugar.com or fill out the contact form provided.

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